Observation Keeping It In Sight

Like a typical New Yorker, once I leave the house I’m pretty conscious of keeping my purse in sight at all times, wherever I go – hence my love of front racks. Having commuted by bike for good portion of the past thirteen years I’ve tried a lot of set ups. Thus far nothing has made more sense then keeping my purse in front of me while riding and having my wallet, phone, and keys easily accessible and within reach – like the glove compartment in a car! And since no road is without potholes and obstacles, a rack should have a trustworthy securing system. Bungee cords are ultra practical and readily available but to accommodate a range of size and proportions racks need plenty of smartly placed anchor points.

If I were designing a bike top to bottom, I would totally be looking for ways for women to easily integrate the bicycle into their lives and consider their beloved purses!

By Vanessa Marie Robinson