Ross Evans, Founder and President, Xtracycle Inc.

At the age of 19, Ross travelled to Managua carrying with him bike tools, a welder and a question for his undergraduate thesis project. Alongside a group of war-disabled men, he set out in pursuit of a simple, cargo-carrying bicycle solution. What began in 1995 became two pioneering organizations – Worldbike, and it’s altruistic “for-profit” sibling, Xtracycle. In the process, Ross discovered how to enable a beautiful machine (the bicycle) to meet more needs and desires than ever before. ID Magazine declared him one of the 40 most notable socially responsible designers in the world in 2000. Curious and catalytic, he’s led a team of world-class eye surgeons to develop cataract surgical tools for Nepal, developed an award-winning construction toy and presented at the 2009 TED Conference. He is a Stanford-trained engineer, adventurer, inventor, humanitarian, yogi and design catalyst. Ross inspires others to do what we love to make a positive difference. He calls it “holishift”.


Jan has been an avid cyclist since his childhood in Germany. Upon emigrating to the United States, he fulfilled his dream of racing bicycles on the road and in cyclocross for 10 years. Today, Jan prefers randonneuring and long-distance riding. He completed Paris-Brest-Paris in 1999, 2003 and 2007.

Jan studied geography, geology, and mathematics in Germany and at the University of Texas at Austin, before obtaining his Ph.D. from the University of Washington with support from a NASA fellowship. He then worked as a free-lance writer and translator for a number of magazines and companies, before starting Bicycle Quarterly in 2002. Jan lives in Seattle, Washington, with his family.


Jeff Menown brings a wealth of experience in the bicycle industry to UBI. His career started with wrenching in several large Seattle-area bike shops. Jeff later moved on to the manufacturer side of the industry, and he’s served as product manager for both the American Bicycle Group and Giant.


A former senior editor at Outside who continues to cover all things cycling and test dozens of bikes annually for the magazine, Jeremy Spencer is senior copywriter at Portland creative agency Parliament by day and a maker of fictions by night. He rides in excess of 300 days a year.

More: @writertype and @cyclocult.