Ahearne Cycles

Portland, Oregon



  • 24” front wheel and a 26” rear wheel for a low center of gravity.
  • Fixed front basket with corner bumpers and utility bag with tools.
  • An integrated u-lock holder = no rattle.
  • Bottle opener, 3 H2O mounts, and 2 Ahearne Flask cages.
  • 2 Mounted Speakers.
  • Security seatpost with internal slot and external bolt with an internally wired rear light mount.
  • Security kickstand and lock (pin in left grip drops in the kickstand hole for a non-retracting stand)



Joseph Ahearne believes in the utility of bikes, and the genius of their construction and function. He is following a long tradition of the craft of bike-making, borrowing traditional methods of design and construction and adding his personal take on what it means to make a great bike.

Joseph chose to be a bike builder for many reasons, not least of which is a love of bikes. He likes what they are, what they do, and what they represent. Of course, he also likes making things. He finds it fulfilling to conceptualize a process and a tool, and then use his hands to make that into a real, tangible thing. It’s a process of hypothesizing and problem solving, then actualizing and testing.

Joseph has spent years honing his craft, refining his processes and further defining what he believes makes a great bicycle. He’s never been satisfied following the norms. Experience has helped direct his evolving ideas and given him the confidence to offer unique machines that do their job well and look great in the process.