Terra Nova Cycles

Portland, Oregon


  • 650b wheel size.
  • Integrated wishbone topstay/seatpost binder designed and machined in-house.
  • Dual waterbottle mounts.
  • Investment cast wishbone designed in house and cast by Long Shen in Taiwan.



Frame builder Andy Newlands has been running the one-man, two-dog shop of Terra Nova Cycles for over 40 years. The shop, located in SW Portland’s Goose Hollow neighborhood since 2002, specializes in the design and fabrication of both “off the peg” stock bicycle frames and “bespoke” custom-made-to-measure frames. Their Strawberry-trademarked bicycle frames are completely hand-built on site from Reynolds steel tubing and investment-cast lugs, and are designed for road sport/racing, track racing and city/commuting. The oxy-propane hand-brazed framesets feature hand-cut lug work, Strawberry-designed investment-cast wishbone seat stays and a patented, integrated top stay binder. Andy is also collaborating with engineers on the design of steel investment castings for bicycle frame components.