Antload + Joe Bike

Portland, Oregon


  • Tool-free, quick release modular cargo pod.
  • Tool-free, quick release ergonomic frame adjustment from 5’2″ – 6’0″.
  • Transit / travel easy (bus rack compatible)



Antload founder Mike Cobb is a dyed-in-the-wool cargo cyclist who has placed in several international cargobike competitions. He’s been professionally riding, racing, fixing, modifying and augmenting load-carrying bikes for 16 years. His passions – designing and fabricating bicycle components and accessories, sustainability, health, meaningful vocation, athletics, human-scale lifestyle and community – converge on utility cycling. This year he brings frame building to the list. Oregon Manifest provides the coming-out party.

Joe Doebele is the founder and owner of Joe Bike, a Portland-based, utility-focused bike shop and nationwide distributor who also designs and builds the handmade ShuttleBug, a modular, belt-drive kid/cargo bike ranked at the top of its class by, Momentum magazine and others. Joe Bike’s retail business and daily contact with utility-cycling families, combined with Joe’s knowledge of cargobike design and manufacturing, combine to give him unmatched insight into what utility bikes should be.