Boxer Bicycles

Seattle, Washington


  • Integrated, rigid, lightweight rack.
  • Modular cargo / child carrier and versatile handmade luggage.
  • Rear wheel can be removed and replaced without handling the chain with an integrated chain-rest.
  • Handmade thermos bottle cage.
  • Sturdy double leg kickstand.
  • Secure cuff-lock.



Boxer Bicycles makes custom, hand-built steel bicycles for the real world. As a material, steel fascinates builder Dan Boxer: the way it moves and expands and contracts in response to the application of heat, to a pedal stroke with “suplesse.”

As frame-builder, Dan must ensure that the bike rides efficiently, goes straight, and holds up to the rigors of a spirited cyclist. As Constructeur, he must build this bicycle into the perfect tool for each individual rider’s purpose, something unique and exceptional. He must create a machine unparalleled in performance, function and elegance.