Chapman Cycles

Providence, Rhode Island


  • Steerer locking mechanism brazed on to the head tube inserts into the steer tube.
  • Modified Crank Brother Egg beater pedals work with MKS Ezy Superior couplings.
  • Custom designed chromoly kickstand with stainless inserts fit into the MKS pedal coupling and leans against the tire.
  • Fillet brazed racks designed to specifically fit Guu-Watanabe bags.
  • Hidden wiring for the Supernova E3 lighting system internally routed into the custom racks.
  • Shimano Dynamo hub requires no additional batteries to charge the Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 shifting.
  • eWerk device charges a cell phone and supplies additional power to the Di2 system.
  • Internal wire holes and reinforced gussets on a fillet-brazed relaxed geometry frame.



Brian Chapman calls himself, simply, a bicycle maker from Rhode Island. He started building in 2005 at Circle A Cycles and is still a builder there. Chapman Cycles is not as much an offshoot of Circle A as it is an exercise to see what happens when he makes a frame with his name on it. The goal is to push his abilities and to feel free to experiment with ideas that will further the notion of bikes as transportation and not competition.

Brian enjoys flatland BMX, which can be described as an OCD form of BMX. It’s the repetition of a trick until fully mastered to a level of desired execution. Once mastered, the goal is to link to another trick to create a string which will be the rider’s own. Over time, these strings define the rider’s style. This development of style over a period of years can be applied to any craft, and he’s excited to be applying it to frame building.