Cielo by Chris King

Portland, Oregon

3rd Place:  Cielo by Chris King

Chris King
Jay SyCip
Buck Olen
Nick Sande
Abby Watson
Eric Speakman
Ben Falcon
Luke Mathers, Truce Bags



  • Twin top tube holds u-lock and pump.
  • Strutless fenders.
  • Universal light mount can accommodate any off-the-shelf light.
  • Internal cable system protects saddle from theft.
  • Contoured saddle bags with proprietary mounting system provide expandable storage and ease of mounting/removal.


There are two Cielo Cycles workshops in Portland, Oregon – one is at Chris King and the other is Chris King. Ready-made classics in stock sizes are produced by hand in a semi-production flow-manufacturing system inside the Chris King Precision Components facility. And Chris also manufactures completely custom, ultra-premium stainless steel lugged framesets in very limited numbers at his home workshop. Connecting the two spaces is 33 years of design integrity underpinned by modern engineering and a belief in the beauty of creative solutions.

Cielo Cycles is rooted in the same spirit of design, integrity, precision, reliability and customer service that has made Chris King Precision Components an iconic name in bicycling. They celebrate the bicycle daily and are invested in its potential as a clever, elegant solution to a number of modern livability issues.