Folk Engineered / Discovery Charter School

Newark, New Jersey


  • One frame size fits most.
  • Lights are powered kinetically and magnetically.
  • Generator powered USB cell phone charger.
  • Seat post air pump.
  • Eco-friendly bamboo rack platforms and fenders.
  • Removable front rack.
  • Integrated rear rack.
  • Elevation of both front and rear wheel when parked for ease of maintenance.
  • Anti-theft system includes 4 locations to carry u-lock and locking skewers.



The FE/DCS team includes Ryan Reedell and Marie Pasquariello, co-founders of Folk Engineered, plus Barbara Weiland, founder of Discovery Charter School, and a group of the school’s 4th- to 8th-grade students.

Folk Engineered manufactures hand-made steel bicycles in Newark, NJ. Ryan and Marie believe bikes and pedal power can be used for many purposes, utilitarian or not, and should fit the specific rider, like the perfect shoe or a tailored suit.

The Discovery Charter School in Newark, offers parents and students a dynamic, community-centered public education alternative. Using the “discovery” approach to teaching and learning Barbara developed, each child uncovers his or her own unique talents and abilities through a hands-on, interactive, problem-solving, exploratory learning process.

In Spring 2011, Ryan will teach 4th-8th grade Discovery Charter School students about frame design, frame construction, and component selection. Then, with Ryan’s guidance, the students will use their knowledge to design a complete bicycle for the Oregon Manifest Design Challenge. Folk Engineered will build the frame and fork over the summer, and the students will dress and assemble the complete bike in early September.