Brooklyness | manuel saez & partners

Brooklyn, New York


  • Adjustable frame changes the wheelbase with 10 degree pivoting seat tube and head tube to alter the rider’s position between relaxed and aggressive.
  • Adjustable top tube length, head tube, seat and handlebar height accommodate varying rider geometry and ergonomics.
  • Frame-mounted front basket for stability while riding or parked.
  • Integrated, size-adjustable rear tray to accommodate different cargo load types.
  • Dynamo on front wheel charges front headlight as well as a phone or GPS device.
  • Frame is composed of two parallel, continuous loops to allow for adjustability while still retaining a classic diamond shape.



In 2008 Manuel Saez, former Design Director at Humanscale, the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products for the office, founded manuel saez & partners to focus on product design and ergonomics. Manuel enlisted a collective of expert talent from around the world with expertise in understanding human behavior at the individual and societal levels, combined with a critical analysis of the context in which the products that they design are used. Over the past few years, the manuel saez & partners team has won multiple awards for products that make sense and solve problems, that create safe and healthy work environments, and that bridge the gap between humans and the products they use.

Manuel also has a passion for vehicles that run on power sources other than gasoline. As a result of this passion, he founded Brooklyness in 2011, with a focus on designing and building cycles for the city dweller. Brooklyness cycles are practical solutions, crafted to provide comfort and style. On the team with Manuel Saez (design & build) is Shane O’Boyle (operations), Jordi Borras (design) and Pete Klassen-Landis (build).