Team Metrofiets

Portland, Oregon


  • Low, skirt-friendly top tube = strong and rigid step through frame design.
  • Frame geometry allows for a wide range of rider proportion from 5′ to 6’7″.
  • Triple beams support a stable cargo area that can carry up to 400 lbs when parked or rolling.
  • Large 29″ and 24″ wheels make irregular road surfaces tolerable.
  • Design can accommodate a wide variety of modern components including belt drives and e-assist.
  • Removable, reclaimed mahogany cargo bed designed to accommodate a variety of cargo carriers for family transportation, business or recreational use.
  • Rear rack compatible.
  • Dyno Hub generated LED light system does not require batteries and has a 5 minute run time when stopped.



Jamie Nichols and Phillip Ross (founders and co-owners of Metrofiets, LLC) are inspired by the “long john” style of bikes produced over the last 70 years, as well as bicycles made in the USA during the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s. While they honor the past, they like new stuff too – which is why they use modern components and push the envelope by employing modern materials and manufacturing processes. The result – lighter, faster, sexier cargo bikes.

Metrofiets cargo bikes are made by hand in the Pacific Northwest from aircraft-grade, U.S.-made steel. The bikes feature unique geometry, lightweight step-through frames and 24-inch front wheels, giving them a sporty, responsive ride while also carrying up to 400 lbs/181kg of rider or cargo. The bikes are jitter-free, easy to ride and stable while loading or unloading. They accommodate a wide range of cargo beds, boxes or vending modules, plus modern components such as belt drives and electric assist.

Metrofiets has invited Tony Batcheller of Tonic Fabrication; Aaron and Matt Hulme of Suppenkuche; Wade Beauchamp of Vulture Cycles; and Stefan Paszke of Bespoke Cycles to join them in developing, building and riding the 2011 entry for Team Metrofiets.