Pereira Cycles

Portland, Oregon

Best of Show:  Pereira Cycles


• Designed as a car replacement: an alternative for the 82% of under-5 mile trips made in the US each year.

• State of the art electric assist helps the rider get to destinations quickly, without over exertion.

• Lockable storage allows valuables to remain on the bike while rider steps away.

• Integrated sound system provides music safely without the need for headphones.

• Integrated lock system on top disables steering and stabilizes bike under load.

•  Upright seating position for comfort and visibility when riding in traffic.



Tony Pereira artfully crafts custom, one-of-a-kind creations built to the needs of each individual client, working from his small shop in Portland, Oregon.

Inspired by the style and innovations from the mid-century French Constructeur period, Tony builds everything from 29er single-speed bicycles and randonneuring rigs to touring, road, cyclocross and transportation bikes. The techniques are simple, yet precise and carefully executed to balance strength with lust-inspiring details of craftsmanship.

Tony has won numerous awards for his work, including Best Road, Off-Road and Fillet Brazed bikes at the 2007 North American Handmade Bike Show and first place in the 2009 Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge.