Quixote Cycles

Portland, Oregon


  • 20″ wheeled longtail for low center of gravity and reliable wheel, fork
    and braking strength.
  • Step-thru cross frame to accommodate a wide range of rider size, ability and dress.
  • Offset seat tube for wide range of rider proportions and lower production cost – one size fits most.
  • Frame fixed front platform rack.
  • Retractable, wide stance, 2-point bike stand operable while straddling frame. Allows parked asymmetric loading.
  • Integrated lock mount positions in bike stand for carrying lock and securing stand in deployed state.
  • Integrated stokemonkey electric assist.
  • Xtracycle long tail standard model includes adjustable deck height and axle aft design.



In 1992 Jonathan Reed rode his bike across North America. That experience awakened in him a new perception of time and distance, while highlighting the freedom and efficiency of the relatively simple machine he previously took for granted.

Jonathan’s résumé is covered with bike advocacy and education, as well as grease, road grime and brazing flux. He has been a shop mechanic, taught kids bike repair, raced a bit and really enjoys touring. He started Quixote Cycles in 2004. Building his own bikes is the (il)logical extension of his interests and experience; hence the name Quixote. Despite only a semi-artistic sensibility, no patience and the dexterity of a manatee, he relishes refining the process and creativity that challenge him to grow while producing something of beauty and lasting value.