Sizemore Bicycle

Seattle, Washington

The first time Taylor Sizemore rode a bike without training wheels, he ran into the side of an Econoline van; the second time, he tried to do a wheelie and still has the scar to prove it. He was hooked after that.

He grew up around the family custom-countertop business, which spurred him to make things himself. He recalls early building processes ending up in torn-apart transistor radios and remote-control cars, but eventually he came around to completing projects. To this day he can’t stop thinking about the next thing he will build.

Everyday bikes are by far Taylor’s favorite type to build – a type that varies drastically depending on the user. His everyday bicycles are for people who want a bicycle that corresponds with their life, and their thought process. Users of Taylor’s bikes are generally attracted to the same ideas that attract him, which he takes as proof that he’s doing something right.