Team Littleford

Portland, Oregon


  • Concealed storage in rear rack.
  • Integrated u-lock holder.
  • One-strap carrying system combines bags off the bike.
  • Front rack provides platform and bag storage.
  • Racks integrate into bike frame.
  • Integrated, self-powered light system.
  • Heavy-duty dual kickstand and mount plate.



Team Littleford is a partnership of three Portland-based innovators in practical design. Littleford Bicycles is a custom maker of elegant, practical utility bikes for trips around town, country and continent. Philosophy Bags is a tailor of locally sourced, utilitarian carriers and an enthusiastic proponent of the symbiotic rebirth of a hand-crafted industrial arts community. Kaffenated Enterprises is a practical design powerhouse and all-around instigator of box-free thinking.

As a passionate pedal traveler, Jon Littleford considers a bicycles practicality to be its most endearing quality. With priority placed on a design’s ease of use rather than its ease of manufacture, he strives to achieve elegance along a path to ultimate functionality.

The team’s goal in Oregon Manifest is not to reinvent the bicycle. Rather, the goal is to address the daily desires, nuisances, peeves and practical dreams of the fearless, dedicated and growing army of bicycle commuters in Portland and around the world… without reinventing the bicycle.

So, with that in mind, the team began the project by asking themselves, their friends and anyone else who wanted to chime in: What would make your ride to (wherever) that much better?