Tsunehiro Cycles and Silas Beebe/ID +

Portland, Oregon

2nd Place:  Tsunehiro Cycles/ Silas Beebe

Rob Tsunehiro, Tsunhiro Cycles
Silas Beebe, ID + Design Services
Paul Johnson, Blaq Design bags
Ryan Downey, Halo Coatings



  • Retro-reflective powder coat makes entire bike frame reflective at night.
  • Electro luminescence strips sewn into panniers for enhanced rear visibility at night.
  • 360 degree visibility handlebar stem spacer ring lights further enhance visibility.
  • Easily removable and detachable seat for passengers.
  • Leather cargo straps can be easily slung around cargo when panniers are left at home.
  • Convenient top tube pocket provides ready access for keys and other essentials.
  • Integrated U-lock stows in front rack tubes with a rattle-free spring pin.
  • Dyno-powered lights and phone charger assures failure-free lighting.



Rob Tsunehiro and Silas Beebe are looking forward to 1+1=3 synergy, with Silas challenging Rob to push the limit of his aesthetic with new frame shapes and technical skills, while Rob will challenge Silas to focus his energies on designing a utility bike that solves many real needs in elegant and deceptively simple ways.

Rob Tsunehiro designs and crafts bicycles for individuals with all manner of riding pursuits. Attention to function, efficiency and durability informs the creation of each Tsunehiro bicycle.

Rob divides his time between the computer, the workshop and the saddle. Through each stage of research and design, in working with the materials and tools, and finally pushing the pedals up a hill, there is an intimacy with the bike. This is his dream job.

A fifth-generation Portland native and industrial designer focused on sports and footwear, Silas Beebe has been interested in city bikes since studying design in Copenhagen in 1995 and 1998.

Silas has been toying with utility-bike ideas for many years, but it took the OM challenge to spur him into finally building that dream bike with Rob.