University of Oregon

Portland, Oregon




  • Hub gearing, belt drive, airless tires and disc brakes for ease of use.
  • Mini velo wheel size with 4 fixing points.
  • Modular system with ring, rack and light attachment.
  • Headtube badges close the frame when modular attachments are not in use.
  • Rack includes two built-in retractable bungees with fixing points in ring and rack.
  • Integrated, retractable kickstand hides seamlessly when not in use.
  • Integrated D-lock hook, secure lock box for small item storage, and locking seatpost for security.
  • Removable frame insert, matching grips, pedals and multiple head tube badges for owner customization.



For the Oregon Manifest Challenge, teams of three to four University of Oregon students will be working simultaneously in Portland and Eugene to craft stories for the ultimate utility bike.

The team’s goal is not only to deliver a functional and relevant utility bike concept, but also to take a deep dive into the history of the bicycle. They‘re looking for more than quirky and a bit of hipster style; team members look at the true meaning behind the bicycle, and how that can be re-interpreted for a modern and connected city, hoping to discover lost ideas and tell a well-grounded story that goes beyond lifestyle aspects.

University of Oregon sits in the middle of Portland’s buzzing bike scene, where bikes are more than a lifestyle; they’re a way of life. The town that’s brimming with double-decker bikes, unicycles and naked bike rides is ready for something new, functional and not up its own arse.

The Team

The team is led by adjunct professors Christian Freissler of Ziba Design and James Molyneux of Nike’s Innovation Kitchen over the course of two regular terms plus some summer weeks.

Summer Term

(detailing, finalizing and building):

Teresa Hamje, Matt Raphael, Jeremy Androschuk, Scott Warneke (test rider), Heath Korvola, Adam Horbinski, Ian Kenny

Spring Term

(research and initial concepts):

Jillian Wells, Matt Raphael, Simon Quay, Scott Warneke, Patrick McAffrey, Kristopher Schaefer, Dan Schmitt, Dan Munger, Robin Hubbard, Keenan Keeley, Andrew Lindley, Sean Kelly, Tyler Grossman, Mike Dowty

Builder Advisor

Dave Levy, TiCycles

Guest Critiquers

Aaron Hayes
Ben Farver

UofO Adjunct Professors

Christian Freissler, Ziba Design
James Molyneux, Nike

The University of Oregon’s Oregon Manifest entry takes shape.

Take a look at the UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts blog to see what this student team has been up to and what they will be bringing to the Constructors’ Challenge.